Settlers of Highlands East

Welcome to the Settlers of Highlands East family tree. Here you can explore the families of those settlers who were born, lived or died here in the Municipality of Highlands East.

This giant family tree of the community is being created by seniors in four local community heritage organizations:

The Wilberforce Heritage Guild – Monmouth township
The Schoolhouse Historical Society – Cardiff township
Gooderham Historical Group – Glamorgan township
Bark Lake Cultural Developments – Irondale village and area.

We gather information from various original sourced records, but do not include living persons on this website. We are looking for photographs, documents and anecdotes of these residents. If you have information or corrections to contribute, those would also be most welcome.

This website is made possible through a generous grant from the New Horizons for Seniors program and is owned and operated by the Wilberforce Heritage Guild with support from the Municipality of Highlands East.

Contact Us

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.