Settlers of Highlands East

Quebec, Canada



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (McCrea), Henrietta  31 Aug 1849Quebec, Canada I6914
2 (McMahon), Adeline  Abt 1842Quebec, Canada I3751
3 Adams, George  18 Mar 1844Quebec, Canada I1470
4 Baumhour, Rachel Ann  2 Apr 1862Quebec, Canada I3707
5 Bowers, George Francis  6 Jun 1890Quebec, Canada I419
6 Bowers, John  9 Jun 1861Quebec, Canada I416
7 Bowers, Robert  9 Feb 1892Quebec, Canada I420
8 Curry, Andrew James  Oct 1855Quebec, Canada I2077
9 Duss, Napoleon Abraham  Abt 1846Quebec, Canada I2299
10 Flood, James  20 Apr 1855Quebec, Canada I2087
11 Flood, William John  Abt 1859Quebec, Canada I4618
12 Genereaux, Joseph  Abt 1845Quebec, Canada I2504
13 Grogan, Catherine V  22 Jun 1838Quebec, Canada I2198
14 Hughey, Eliza Jane  7 May 1856Quebec, Canada I757
15 Isable, Peter  Abt 1829Quebec, Canada I4957
16 Kemp, Vesta  22 Nov 1873Quebec, Canada I7518
17 Kempt, Bertha  22 Feb 1866Quebec, Canada I4048
18 Mackey, Cecil  9 Jun 1903Quebec, Canada I4050
19 Main, Alexander Badgenor  1828Quebec, Canada I1914
20 Maxwell, Catherine Maria  25 Apr 1860Quebec, Canada I2078
21 McCrea, Stephen  17 Feb 1842Quebec, Canada I6913
22 McCumby, Samuel  Abt 1817Quebec, Canada I1966
23 Ogilvie, Isabella Elizabeth  6 Apr 1823Quebec, Canada I109
24 Ogilvie, William  30 Oct 1837Quebec, Canada I47
25 Paradis, Michael  Abt 1852Quebec, Canada I8050
26 Peever, Joseph  Abt 1869Quebec, Canada I11728
27 Peters, Ezra  Abt 1856Quebec, Canada I1744
28 Rickman, Mary  1837Quebec, Canada I4055
29 Rodregue, Joseph Louis Elfose  23 Jun 1920Quebec, Canada I9284
30 Rodregue, Joseph Napolion Turibe  4 Jan 1919Quebec, Canada I9283
31 Sarsfield, Winnifred  Abt 1855Quebec, Canada I10446
32 Savanac, Alexander  Abt 1813Quebec, Canada I1253
33 Thompson, Adam  14 Jan 1855Quebec, Canada I752
34 Thompson, Agnes  Abt 1884Quebec, Canada I6743
35 Thompson, Margaret Ann  Abt 1865Quebec, Canada I2953
36 Thompson, William E  Abt 1858Quebec, Canada I2952
37 Turgeon, Mary  29 Oct 1831Quebec, Canada I280
38 Ward, John Cecil  1892Quebec, Canada I9062
39 White, Eliza Jane  26 May 1869Quebec, Canada I1301
40 White, Samuel  Abt 1861Quebec, Canada I4839