Settlers of Highlands East


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Death of William Watt in 1921

James Watt was single. He would work in forestry in Pennsylvania in winter and return to Highland Grove to help his brother William on the family farm in summer. He was forking hay up to William who was building the load on the wagon on a hot August day when William became dizzy and fell over dead on the wagon in 1921. James stayed on with his two single sisters Anna and Jean to try and keep the family together but they could not make enough to pay the taxes so the farm was sold and the 7 youngest children put in the IOF orphanage in Oakville Ontario  James died of a heart attack in Warren, Pennsylvania. His sister Jean brought his body to Toronto and had him buried in the Prospect cemetery.

Owner of originalWillam Watt, Ottawa
Linked toAnn Watt; James Watt; Jean Margaret Watt; William Watt

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